Dan Dasilva - The Master of Shopify + eCom Dropshipping?

Dan Dasilva Shopify
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Today, the online marketplace is not only removing borders, but also opening a new era into dropshipping and eCommerce. Whether you are looking to make a profit, start your own business or learn how to navigate the online world of eCommerce, having a mentor or joining a program can be a good idea. That is where Dan Dasilva comes in.

A self-taught person, Dasilva has successfully founded a dropshipping business model that has allowed him to generate personal profits of 100k. This very business model that has allowed him to earn seven figures by the time he was 20 years old.

During this time, Dasilva learned everything from scratch and applied various methodologies until he hit gold. He realized that he had found the winning formula with the help of his mentor. In 2019, he established various online programs, such as the eCom Dudes Academy and the 100k Blueprint 4.0

Dan Dasilva eCom Dudes

The eCom Dudes Academy is designed to be an online eCommerce training community. To date, it has around 114,000 members and is still growing. It can be considered to be among the largest communities for eCommerce training. One of the core attractions to dropshipping is that it requires minimal capital upfront.

However, it is necessary to have an established eCommerce store. What makes eCom Dudes stand out from the rest is the focus on teaching that the community has. The platform is dedicated to helping others learn about dropshipping more. The materials here focus on the dropshipping process, ranging from hot to creating an online store to finding the right dropshipping suppliers.

eCom Dudes also has many success stories and has helped other people indulge in entrepreneurial projects and attain financial freedom. Focusing on using platforms like AliExpress, WooCommerce and Shopify, eCom Dudes is committed to helping people pursue dropshipping on a global level.

eCom Dudes makes use of various tools for eCommerce use, including recommendations and access to software that can help create product sales funnels. Additionally, the eCom Dudes community offers access free of charge with no monthly fees.

Members can get access to training courses and software that can help them streamline their stores and maximize their business.

Dan Dasilva 100k Blueprint

Dan Dasilva also launched a 100k Blueprint training program that is based on the methodology that Dan used to earn a million. This course gives exclusive access to training courses that can help you develop your skills. This software comes with the training courses found on the community platform.

These are the same courses, which have helped many of the top members reach one million dollars in sales within their first couple of years. Priced at $997, this course offers training over a duration of 4 weeks. Moreover, you can get specialized perks, bonuses and access to special features that add more value to your course.

The best part is that payment can be made easily in short increments as well. Additionally, the program comes with a money-back guarantee that ensures that if you change your mind, you don’t lose out on anything.

100K Book

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