100K Blueprint 4 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 – An In-Depth Review of Dan Dasilva's Latest Ecom Course

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Table of Contents

Dan Dasilva is known internationally for his incredible contributions to the eCommerce industry and the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

He enjoys a distinction for building multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses online in different niches from scratch, armed with nothing but knowledge.

More importantly, Dan has no problems sharing his expertise with his new course, the 100K Blueprint 4.0.

The ‘4.0’ is a strong indication that this course isn’t his first rodeo. Dan has been selling courses left and right, all of which make tall claims of making millions in revenue from scratch.

100K Blueprint 4.0 is the fourth iteration of Dan’s blueprints that claim to make you an expert at dropshipping. It could be considered a revised version of the previous three courses that have been updated to reflect 2020.

While Dan is most certainly qualified to teach dropshipping, is his course worth its steep price tag?

To answer this question and many more like it, we’ll take a deep dive into this course, discussing things like content quality, ease of use, features, and of course, pros and cons.

About Dan Dasilva

Dan’s story starts like most eCommerce gurus, who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and discovered the secrets to alternative sources of income such as dropshipping and eCommerce.

Dan Dasilva Shopify

Today, Dan claims to be running an 8 figure business as a Shopify expert. He has developed a razor-sharp four-step process for beginners to get a headstart in dropshipping,

which he’ll share in his course. This includes doing the research, asset creation, generating profit, and scaling up.

Dan Dasilva Youtube Channel Screenshot

Dan has a sizable following on YouTube and his webinars regularly feature thousands of attendees. He sells some of the most IN-DEPTH ECOM COURSES in the world. Dan has proven that his business acumen and entrepreneurial skills go far beyond selling courses.

However, Dan’s promise requires action and commitment: only those who put the course into action can generate monthly revenues of $100,000+ in 12 months.

The course works by unlocking modules periodically, preventing attendees from skipping over modules to cut to the chase quickly. This should incentivize learning all aspects of the course, but may be too annoying for people who’ve been there and done that.

Let’s investigate further to help you decide whether it’s worth your time and money.

100K Blueprint Overview

The main purpose of this course is to introduce and strengthen the knowledge of eCommerce and online shopping and generating a profit of $100,000 per month from scratch.

Dan provides you with weekly coaching calls hosted by him and Mario Menduni and include bonuses, hot tips, and dropshipping hacks to give you a head start in your business.

In total, the course provides a grand total of 188 videos, most of which are only 5 minutes long, making it easy to watch them, learn the knowledge, and apply it. While the videos are short, the production quality is pretty high, as should be expected from a course that costs an arm and a leg.

The steep price tag may sound like a lot, but it serves an important function of filtering out motivated students from the get-rich-quickers and provides plenty of motivation to those who spent their hard-earned money to work and recover the cost of the course.

Here’s a rough outline:

Week 1: The course covers the basics of dropshipping, along with providing a detailed detour of Shopify, one of the biggest eCommerce platforms right now. Bite-sized videos demystify the process of setting up an online store, creating funnels, and targeting, and anyone who follows this blueprint should be able to replicate the results, whether they’re familiar with technology or not.

Week 2: This is where the course goes all into dropshipping, covering everything in massive detail, including the gargantuan task of niche marketing, and how to advertise. Dan backs his claims up by showing a store that is already earning $15,000 per day by day 10. This isn’t impossible if the information in the lessons is applied, although it does require discipline and work.

Week 3: Now you should be ready to watch the more in-depth videos on marketing and advertising, covering diverse topics such as advertisement design, retargeting, and learning more about audiences.

Week 4: Social media is one of the most effective platforms through which you can sell your products and services. The course will delve into how you can find influencers to help you market your business.

After taking a deep dive into all these elements of running an online store, the course focuses on business expansion – after all, it is virtually impossible to run a $100k business on your own.

All in all, the course will take a total of 12 weeks to complete.

The 100K Blueprint Process

The basic premise of the course is a 4-step process to get you from complete beginner to running a profitable ecom dropshipping business in just 90-days.It’s an easy to follow rinse and repeat process.  Here’s a quick breakdown. 

  1. Start by finding a product utilizing proprietary tools that fits their 3-phase criteria
  2. Next they show you how to get high quality images and ads created for less than $20.
  3. Time to drive traffic – They show you how to drive paid and organic traffic to your store to generate sales. This is the hardest part for most people and Dan really breaks it down be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google Ads.
  4. How to broker deals with suppliers for fast shipping.

100K Blueprint 4-Step Process

Dan provides you with the necessary tools to help you with the selection process. Then, an online store is created featuring the products you just researched. More tools are provided to ensure that your website looks and functions professionally to deliver high conversions – which are essential to dropshipping success.

Now that your selling platform has been optimized and is in place, it’s time to drive traffic to the store. This can be done via organic marketing or advertisements. Organic marketing will take considerable time to work you generate enough traffic (almost six months!). On the other hand, advertising will give you access to high-quality prospects on-demand.

Of course, this means forking out your hard-earned cash to drive traffic. Ads are not a guarantee that you will make your first sale and it is possible that you could lose a lot of money with advertising if it has been executed badly, but Dan’s method uses a technique to quickly get you up to speed by creating only high conversion ads. When everything is said and done, you’ll be ready to pay less for your ads and maximize your conversion rate.

Fulfillment of Orders

This is one area where Dan has considerable leverage over his peers who offer similar online courses. The biggest problem with dropshipping is that most buyers depend on AliExpress for product sourcing, this means long delivery times that could frustrate buyers.

Long delivery times also mean that buyers wouldn’t return for repeat business. Dan has your back here since he has brokered deals with US businesses for product sourcing. Non-US residents can also greatly benefit from this, but their access is limited.

Pros and Cons of the 100K Blueprint 4.0

While Dan’s 100K Blueprint is an effective way to get started in the world of eCommerce, are the upfront costs a tad it too high? Let’s break down the course into the pros and cons to help you decide.


Acts as a Definitive Guide on Dropshipping

This course provides you with all the knowledge you need to start your own dropshipping store and make a huge profit from it. It contains all the tools and information you need here without the need to refer to other sources. Although you may not make $100,000 every month as promised, you should be making an acceptable amount.

Bonuses for Version 3.0 Users

If you’re a 100K Blueprint 3.0 user, you’re not getting left behind. Version 3.0 attendees can gain access to special bonuses such as live coaching calls from Dan himself for a period of up to 10 weeks. You also gain access to three secret emails that can help you drive your earnings by over 200% or more.

Access to a Private Fulfillment Center

One benefit that stood out to us is access to a private fulfillment center in Los Angeles. Dan has brokered a deal on behalf of his attendees to help them overcome a big problem faced by dropshipping businesses: sourcing products. Now, all you need to do is start selling the products in your store with rapid delivery times.


The course isn’t without its cons, which could be a mild inconvenience for some, or enough to drive you away from the course entirely.

The Course Stretches Out Over 12 Weeks

You can’t speed-run this course because all the different modules unlock weekly. This could be a deal-breaker for many entrepreneurs who want to get things done right away. Not to mention the fact that the longer you wait on setting up the business, the longer it will take to turn a profit. We feel that it is better to gain access to all of the content at once, so the user can pick whatever they want to learn whenever they want.

The Videos Could be Longer

There are 188 videos to watch through, but more than 140 videos are just too short. Dan tries to do justice to each topic by trying to divide them across all his videos for no reason. This may sound enticing at first, because who has the time to watch 1-hour videos right? But having to sift through several videos can break the flow when you’re trying to concentrate.

The Course Focuses Primarily on Google and Bing

While Dan does talk about social media, it’s merely treated as an afterthought. Instead, he focuses on search engines like Google and Bing. He also mentions YouTube but doesn’t provide the kind of information you would expect from a paid course. Some of this stuff can be found for free on the internet.

Version 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 Users May be Disappointed

For some, it may seem like an advantage to once again have a go at dropshipping from a completely new perspective, but if you’re a former user, this course probably isn’t going to tell you something that you haven’t already learned in the previous courses. Plus, Dan doesn’t provide $100K Blueprint 4.0 bonuses to 1.0 users, even though they paid the same price for enrolling in the course. This could be frustrating to some.

What Else is Included in the 100K Blueprint?

As we mentioned earlier, the 100K Blueprint is unlocked every week and is stretched out over 12 weeks.

Every week, you’ll get access to 10 or 40 videos dedicated to a topic. Here’s the course outline for the 12 weeks:

Week 1 – Rough overview of the dropshipping business model
Week 2 – Triple your profits in only three minutes
Week 3 – Learn to dropship on Facebook
Week 4 – Use social media influencers to reach millions of prospects in mere minutes
Week 5 – Learn how to use funnels
Week 6 – Generating more profits and automating the business
Week 7 – Creating a team to manage the business
Week 8 – Finding new sources to explore more business opportunities
Week 9 – Email marketing
Week 10 – Using Shopify with Bing
Week 11 – Learning about subscription models, sales strategies, and pricing
Week 12 – Access to case studies and workshops

Is Dan Dasilva’s 100K Blueprint 4.0 a Scam?

Managing a business requires that equal attention is paid to the priorities of the business and creativity – a difficult high-wire act for any beginner – all the while managing a roster of in-demand products. You need to perform extensive research into niche marketing for hopes of any success.

Remember, dropshipping has been done to death and it can be a little difficult for beginners to move the needle forwards, but dropshipping isn’t difficult once you have the right formula and Dan’s course gives you that upper hand.

The course provides you the roadmap of success by providing a strategic plan through a breakdown. But building a lasting, profitable business is challenging, and there are no quick fixes and tactics you can use to ratchet up results. Building a business is a process and takes time – you’ll have to invest at least 12 months of your time before expecting returns.

Is the 100K Blueprint worth the $2K Price?

Dan doesn’t see it that way and insists that you’re receiving over $41,000 worth of information for an intial $2,000 investment.

Isn’t much of the information already out there via free YouTube tutorials and in-depth blogs?

Of course, you could learn to dropship yourself, and while the upfront costs are quite low, the cost in terms of money and time wasted on failed experiments could be higher. It is simply more effective to have an expert teach you the basics of a skill before you could master it.

:TLDR: Version of This Review

The 100k blueprint provides valuable insight and information you need to run a successful online store. It gives you an edge over other businesses and puts you on the fast track to get you up and running and profitable in just 90-days.

Dan claims that no one else has shown this information in such detail, although we’d like to disagree. 

Sure, you can learn all of this stuff yourself through YouTube and blogs but you’re not going to be nearly as profitable in 90-days.

Basically Dan’s been around the ecom scene for awhile now and through his year’s of trial and error he’s perfected the ecom dropshipping business model. A true business in a box. If you commit you’ll be another success story of the 100K Blueprint. 

Wrapping it All Up – Should You Buy It?

If dropshipping sounds appealing then this course should be at the top of your list. While Dan’s course isn’t the end-all and be-all, it certainly offers more value for your money. Not to mention the fact that it does more than conventional online training. It comes with online tools, live coaching, support groups on Facebook, ad-creatives, secret emails, and a lot more.

100K Book

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